Compare to Thursday 9/28/17


6 min AMRAP
20 Double Unders or 40 Singles
8 Walking Lunges Per Leg
4 Walkout to Scap-up


Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 Min


Review the Pistol Squat. Attempt each of the following movements in a “ready-go” fashion as a class for 5-8 reps of each.

Bench/Box Seated Pistol
Knee Tap Squat
Candlestick Roll-up
Pistol With Counterweight (Light)
Single Leg Roll-up


EMOM x 15

1 – 5-8 Pistol Squats per side or 5 Candlestick Roll-ups
2 – 10-12 GHD Sit-ups ( or 20 Ab Mat Sit-ups)
3 – 8 Reverse Lunges per leg with Barbell in Front Rack Position


In teams of 2, complete 10 rounds for time (5 rounds each), 15 min time cap

1 person works, 1 person rests

100ft Farmer Carry AHAP
4 rounds of the Alternating Shuttle Complex:
Side Shuffle Sprint 15 ft down, 15 ft back + Forward Sprint 15 ft down, Reverse Sprint 15ft back


“Murph” Prep
P/L – Run 1.5 mile
F – Run 1 mile

Coach’s Notes

Training Intent
Skill/Strength – Practice movements like Candlesticks and others today to get more comfortable with pistols. Make sure you give your athletes all the options beforehand so they are practicing skills that will get them closer to performing the actual movement.

Metcon – Each athlete will get 1:1 work/rest if they pick the appropriate partner. Farmer carries should be moderately heavy today. Sprint/agility work is always challenging and even more so for athletes that don’t have a background in sports so if they need extra rest between sets give it to them. GPP work is a great to “unload” our athletes and doubles as conditioning work working all 3 energy systems.