6 Min AMRAP:
Single Leg Hip Bridge, 5 per side
8 Overhand and 8 Reverse Hand PVC Pulses
8 KB Windmills Per Side
KB Halos – 5 rotations per direction
– LAX Ball into pectoral at wall – 15-30 arm passes/side (every 5 reps or so re adjust ball an find a few spot)
– LAX Ball into Scapula 15-30 arm passes from hip to overhead per side, working LAX Ball up and down scapula
– Banded Shoulder L to Overhead 15-30/side (hold body in split jerk stance)
– Banded Shoulder Distraction 45 seconds/side
Review how to properly hang from a bar or rings and the hollow and extended positions of kipping.
Then practice and progress through the appropriate movements for ability level for 3-5 min
Every OTHER minute for 12 minutes Ring or Pull Ups Complex
10 second Ring Swing – small
2 Muscle-ups
10 sec L Sit
4 Strict Ring Dips
10 sec top of Ring Pull-up hold (lower from last dip into this)
4 Strict Ring pullups
10 second Kip Swing
4 Kipping Pull-ups
10 second L Sit
5 Push-ups
10 second Top of Bar Pull-up Hold
4 Kipping Pullups
10 second Kip Swing
4 Jumping Pull Ups
10 Second Hold in Hollow Position
5 Push-ups
10 second Bar Hang with scapular engagement
5 Ring Rows
With an 18 min running clock
3 min AMRAP of Box Jumps
Rest 2 Min
3 min AMRAP of Abmat Situps
Rest 2 Min
3 min AMRAP of Bike for Cal
Rest 2 min
3 min AMRAP of Double Unders or Single Unders
3 Rounds, not for time
8-10 Standing DB Bicep Curls Per arm
8-10 Lying Chest Flys
8-10 Standing DB Tricep Overhead Extensions