Target Mobility
Bear Crawl
10 Push ups
Walking Tall Knee Tuck
10 Ab Mats
10 Jump Squats
Straight Leg Deadlift Walk
10 Pull-ups
Toy Soldier Walk
10 Hollow Rocks
20 Band Pull Aparts
20 Banded Face Pulls
20 Banded Pull Throughs
3 Position Lower Body Band Stretch
Review the Mechanics of the Single Leg Deadlift using a light KB.
EMOM x 10
Evens – 10 Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts
Odds – 20 Medball Russian Twists
30 min AMRAP with a Partner
1k Row (split up any way you like)
100m Farmer Carry Per Partner (1 works at a time)
100 OH Plate Walking Lunges (split up any way you like)
8 Wall Climbs (break up any way you like)
1 Rope Climb Per Partner
P – 32kg(70#)/24kg(53#), 45/35, Chest to Wall
L – 24kg(53#)/16kg(35#), 35/25, Belly to Wall
F – 16kg(35#)/12kg(25#), 25#/15#, Hips to Wall
5 Rounds not for time of
1 Pike Walk Around Box
10 Shoulder Taps from Pike on Box
15 Hollow Rocks