Run 800m
Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 min
Review Push-ups
– Ensure a proper “plank” position on setup with feet together up on toes, butt squeezed tight, back flat, abs braced, head neutral and arms locked out
– Arms should fully extended directly over the shoulders
– Hands should “shut off the faucets” to create torque in the shoulders
– On descent, the elbows should remain tight to the body, pointing behind the athlete and should not extend laterally
– Chest and hips will touch the floor at the same time
– Upon ascent, chest and hips rise together with braced abs and butt – “worming” indicates abs or butt that are not braced properly and can cause spinal compromise
– Modification is allowed if needed by going onto your knees, but all of the above rules still apply
Coach will have the group go through all aspects of the push up including setup and range of motion and will make corrections as needed
EMOM x 14
Evens – P – 12 Ring or Parallette Push Ups, L- 12 Push Ups, F – 8-10 Box Push Ups
Odds – P – 30 Sec Hanging L Sit, L – 30 Sec Hanging Knee Raise, F – 30 Sec Plank
4 Rounds for time under a 15 min cap
Run 400m
10 Push Jerks
5 Front Squats
P – 135/95
L – 115/75
F – 95/65
Accumulate 2 min of each of the following;
Pigeon Stretch Per Side
Downward Dog
Seated Wide Leg Hamstring (https://i.ytimg.com/vi/hbTUHj2gdVc/maxresdefault.jpg)
Global Foam Roll and/or Lax Ball x 5 min