Alternating with a partner for 6 min
5 Squat Thrusts
7 Unloaded Bar Thrusters
9 Lateral Jumps over bar
Foam Roll Adductors x 10 passes per leg
Foam Roll IT Bands x 10 passes per leg
Lateral Stretch and Split Stretch Combo using foam roller x 5 reps
Foam Roll Posterior Chain x 3 min
Review the SUMO deadlift and discuss common faults.
Then use 5 min to perform a few sets of light sumo deadlifts with warmup loads.
With a 15 min running clock, perform:
5×8 Sumo Deadlifts
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Sumo deadlifts are performed with a wide stance, whereas the stance used for a conventional deadlift is considerably smaller. With this wide stance comes a shorter range of motion for the bar to travel, which consequently means you should be able to pull more in sumo than conventional when you are equally comfortable with them – not on your first time trying sumo. When sumo deadlifting, some of the stress of the lift is taken off of the back and spread across the quads, whereas in conventional, the majority of the stress is placed on your back. Today, athletes should use a weight that they will be smooth with for all sets.
3 rounds for time under a 20 min cap*
30 Toes to Bar
30 Box Jumps
30 American KB Swings
*Starting at the 2 min mark, on every even minute, run 200m
P – 24”/20”, 32kg/24kg
L – 24”/20”, 24kg/16kg
F – Hanging Knee Raises, 20”/16”, 16kg/12kg
Ring Rows
Push Ups
Easy Pace, resting as needed