1 min of Mini Band Ankle Jacks
1 min of Donkey Calf Raises
1 min of Standing Alternating Dynamic Hip Rotation
1 min of lying Mini Band Hip Flexion/Extension
1 min Alternating Walking Dynamic Quad and Hamstring Stretch
1 min of Mini Band Jump Squats
1 min (30 sec per side) Mini Band Quadrupled Hip Extension
1 min Calf Bone Saw Per Side
Review the Points of Performance of the Front Squat and review a head to toe demo.
Then using an unloaded bar, perform 1 Front Squat every 15 sec for 3 min while coach provides feedback.
Front Squats
Every Other Min for 12 min
8 Front Squats
Performance/Lifestyle – 65% across all sets
Fitness – base loads on feel today, lower working loads if this causes technical flaw
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
In our experience, elbow position is crucial for the front squat. Athletes have the tendency to drop their elbows especially in the bottom position and ascent. Imagine you have a laser pointing out of your elbows and you want the laser to point straight forward at the wall in front of you at all times. Elbow position can be related to chest position. With some athletes the chest collapses and the elbows drop as a consequence of that. It’s important to figure out what is the cause for the elbows to drop. Because there are different ways to fix this, it has to be corrected on a case by case basis, individually.
4 Rounds for time Under an 18 min Cap
100 Double Unders
7 Ring Muscle Ups
7 Full Snatch Singles (155/105)
80 Double Unders
5 Pull Ups
5 Dips
7 Full Snatch Singles (115/75)
80 Single Unders
5 Ring Rows
5 Push Ups
7 Power Snatch Singles (75/55)
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Todays Metcon starts with a big block of jump rope work. This should be broken up into manageable sets. Some athlete’s will go unbroken, but some may need to break this into manageable sets. Regardless, do not redline on this part of the workout. If you feel yourself getting close, back down and break it up. The second part involves a variation of gymnastics movements based on your level. Again, do not redline on these movements if you do not feel comfortable going unbroken on every round. All of the Snatches should be performed as singles (drop the bar on every rep). Therefore, take a quick second to set yourself up for each rep and aim to make each one look perfect. For all movements today, work to a level where you stay intense, but are able to maintain good technique.
Tabata 20 sec on 10 sec off, alternating movements for 3 total rounds
Elbow Touch Plank
Side Plank L
Mountain Climbers
Side Plank R