Battle Rope Sprint Matrix
The class will be divided into teams of 3-5 with each team stationed in front of a rope. At 321 go the first person in line will start and complete the designated movement for 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds passes by they will switch with the person behind them in line and head to the back of the line. Once the 1st person in line returns to the start, the movement will change.
Alternating waves
Double Slams
Hip Toss
Jumping Jacks
Scissor Jack Waves
Burpee Slam
5 Way Hips – 4 reps of each: abduction, forward, backward, lightning bolt
4 Way Mini Band Walk – 10 step each: forward, left, backward, right
Active Bent-leg Cossack Stretch x 1 min per side
Review the mechanics of Reverse Lunges with a bar in the front rack position.
Review the following step by step and explain each part of the movement as follows and move through a few sets/reps.
EMOM x 12
Min 1 – 6 Front Rack Reverse Lunges per leg
Min 2 – 12-15 Hip Extensions
Min 3 – 8-10 KB SDLHP
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is an excellent day to work on total body strength. Reverse lunges attack the glutes and holding the bar in a good front rack will train balance and core strength. GHD Hip Extensions, when performed properly, are excellent strengtheners of the lower back and hips. Ensure that you are in the proper position on the GHD so you can Properly. KB SDLHP have a good carry over functionally to the real world – think putting a bucket into the back of a pickup truck – and has a great training effect on the upper body when performed correctly. Remember this is NOT a kb swing. The KB should move straight up and down in 1 line and the bottom of the KB should face the ground at all times.
For time in teams of 2. 1 Person Works, 1 Person Rests, break it up any way you like, 20 min cap:
10 Wall Climbs
100 Pull-ups
100 Power Cleans
100 Push Jerks
10 Wall Climbs
P – Chest to Wall, C2B, 115/75
L – Belly To Wall, 95/65
F – Hips to Wall, 75/65
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Zone 2-3 intervals for the entire working time (Max HR should be between 70-80%). Partner transitions should allow athletes to keep heart-rate in the lower end of this zone when resting and in the higher end when working. Setting consistent intervals that can be reasonably met by each partner is key to being successful with this workout. Each team should quickly come up with a plan before starting. Weight for BB movements should be light enough that you can perform sets of at least 8-10 reps unbroken. If you are hitting 15 each time, you need to scale up. Keep a consistent heart-rate for the entire workout and communicate with your partner to manage transitions.
Foam Roll Lats
Peanut to Traps
Banded Shoulder and Hip Distraction