6 min of Ladder Drills
Skier Drill
10 Burpees
High Knees
10 Alpine Jacks
Ali Shuffle L
10 Air Squats
Ali Shuffle R
10 Jumping Jacks
Hopscotch Drill
10 Leg Kicks Per Side
Joint Mobility:
Wrist Circles 10-15 each direction
Elbow Circles 10-15 each direction
Arm Circles 10-15 each direction
Arm Rotations 10-15 each direction
Tricep Stretch Side Bends 10-15 each direction
Torso Rotations 10-15 each direction
Hip Circles 10-15 each direction
Walking Lunge and Twist 10-15 each leg
Side Lunge 10-15 each leg
Snatch Warmup. Review the following and discuss common mistakes, then perform 2-3 rounds of the following with an unloaded bar and a 6 min running clock.
Snatch High Pull x 5
Hang Muscle Snatch x 5
Behind the Neck Strict Press x 5
Hang Power Snatch x 5 – 2 sec pause in the Catch
Behind the Neck Strict Push Jerk x 5
Heaving Snatch Balance x 5 – 2 sec pause in the Catch
Snatch x 5
Every Other Min for 12 min
5-8 Snatches at 50%*
*These Reps should be for speed. Drop and reset every rep. Make every one of them look pretty!
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
All speed work should be efficient/smooth. Adjust loading if needed, but remember intent is to develop force. Athletes are always better served to use lighter loads and move faster/more efficiently with Dynamic Effort Work. Also, these are not done “touch and go” so make sure your athletes reset on each set.
25 Min AMRAP
400m Run
40 DU’s or 80 SU’s
15 Cal Row, Bike or Ski
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Today we have an aerobic workout. This is a long duration workout of simple movements designed to be completed with a constant pace and sustained heart rate somewhere in the realm of 50%-60% of your max. DO NOT to sprint. Pick a pace that you can sustain through the entire workout. No one should work to exhaustion here. When training the Aerobic system, energy is derived when oxygen is utilized to metabolize nutrients into fuel. An activity is termed aerobic when the majority of energy needed is derived this way. Training the aerobic system allows us to engage in moderate/low power output for extended period of time. Think: Sustainable, Long, Cyclical, Flow, Feel: Continuous, steady, sustainable.
Benefits of training the Aerobic system: Increases cardiovascular function and decreases body fat
Farmer’s Carry 4x100m AHAP
Rest as needed