6 Min AMRAP:
10 Banded Face Pulls
10 KB Halos (5/Side)
10 Bodyweight Russian Step Ups (5/side)
10 Single Arm DB Thruster (5/Side)
Banded Lat/Overhead Crank – 45 sec per side
Banded Shoulder Rotation Facing Away From Rig
15-18 Banded Split Squats – band wrapped foot level on rig
Banded Hip Capsule Stretch facing rig – 45 sec per side
**Use a Heavy Band of all of the above**
Review the TGU using an ABMAT
With a 12 min Cap, Perform
TGU Per Side, resting as needed
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
– Here’s a short list of everything that we can get from within a single TGU;
– Single leg hip stability during the initial roll to press and during the bridge.
– Both closed and open chain shoulder stability.
– Thoracic extension and rotation.
– Stability in two different leg patterns – lunge stance as well as squat stance.
– Both rotary and linear stability.
– The ability to link movement created in our extremities to the rest of our body.
For time in teams of 2 under a 25 min cap
Row 1k
100 Overhead Squats
Row 800m
100 Power Snatches
Row 600m
Break up the work however you desire.
P – 95/65
L – 75/55
F – 75/55 – Front Squats
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Have fun today and work with someone new. OHS and snatches are intended to be light so make sure you use a weight you can complete big sets with. Most athletes will be under 25 min for this workout. Have a plan to split Barbell movements in manageable sets. Also, know that it is okay to scale the OHS to a front squat if you aren’t able to perform sets efficiently/safely.
30 sec on 30 sec of x 10 rounds
Plank Variations of athletes choice