Down and Back The 1/2 Length of the gym
High Knees down, Toy soldier back
Broad Jump down, Inchworm back
Defensive Shuffle
Single Straight Leg Toe Taps down, Zig Zag Hops back
Skip for Height
Gorilla Hop down, Duck Walk back
Roller in Mid Back – Hug and Extend – 1 min
Elbow To Ear Band Pull – 1 min/side
Overhead External Rotation Arm Pull – 1 min/side
Banded Hip/Ham Capsule Stretch – 1 min/leg
Banded Hip Abductor Wall Stretch – 1 min
Banded Spiderman – 1 min/Leg
Review all movements from the Metcon and take 4-5 min to choose loads and practice movements.
EMOM x 30
A – 45 sec Bike – at conversation Pace
B – 1 DBall Over Shoulder every 10 seconds for 50 seconds
C – 8 Alternating Med Ball Push Up with Roll
D – 30 sec of Seal Walks or Elbow Touch Plank
E – 45 sec of Lateral Bench Hurdle Overs
F – 30 sec Wall Sit
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is an aerobic “recovery” workout. Todays work should all be done at an easy, conversation pace. AKA – MAP 10. You should be able to hold a conversation with the person next to you for the whole 30 min without gasping for air. MAP 10 stands for “Maximal Aerobic Power 10”. This simply means that the work in this Energy System should be EASY! This workout should be paced so that you get into the sweaty, fat burning zone referred to as the aerobic system. This system kicks in when efforts that are performed at a sustainable pace. As you move from MAP 1 to MAP 10, the workout timeframe gets longer, and your power output goes down. Think of a 30 second sprint as MAP 1 and a 12 mile run as MAP 10. Workouts such as this one with easier effort mixed with smaller amounts of eccentric muscle contractions is often interpreted as RECOVERY by your body. For this workout you do NOT want to go fast or get your heart rate up super high as in normal workouts you see with us. Get sweaty, have fun and flush the system with this one while being in the fat burning zone.
2 min per side of the following mobility work:
Lax Ball to Hip Flexors
Lax Ball to Forearms
Smash Hamstrings with barbell elevated on J clips on rig
Smash Traps with barbell elevated on J clips on rig