2 Rounds with a light KB
5 KB Push Press per side
5 Single Arm Russian Swing per side
5 KB Windmills per side
5 Goblet Reverse Lunge Per side
5 Burpees
20 Band Pull-aparts
2 min to work a Lax Ball up and down the ridge of each scapula
90 sec per side Lax Ball side shoulder opener
1 min Bully Stretch Per Side
Review the points of performance of the Strict Press.
Then, with a bar at warmup loads, perform a strict press conga line in groups of 3-5 for 5 min.
– Bar is taken from a rack.
– 3-5 reps per round are performed in a slow and controlled manner.
With a 15 min Running Clock:
Strict Press
In 8-10 sets, build to a heavy single for the day*
In between each set perform 5-8 DB Rows from a lunge position per side
For Time under a 20 min Cap
75 TTB*
*Every time you come off of the bar do:
3 Hang Power Cleans
5 Box Jump Burpees
Immediately after completing TTB, 100 Push Ups
P – 185/135, 24″/20″, Hand Release
L – 155/105, 24″/20″
F – 115/75 – 24’20” step ups, modified Push ups
3 rounds not for time, resting as needed
50 Banded Hip Marches
10-12 Band Resisted Bird dogs Per Side