Mini Tabata
20sec on 10sec off x 3 rounds of each
Unloaded Bar Thrusters
Alpine Jacks
Lying Leg Raises
PVC Lunging pass through

Inverted Active Hamstring Stretch With PVC Pipe – 4 slow reps per leg
Band Supported Leg Lowering – 15 Reps per side
Lunging Cat Cow – 10 per side
High/Lateral Glute – Lax Ball – smash and floss 1 min per side

Review the Snatch Grip Deadlift:
– Review the hand position on the bar for the snatch grip
– Focus on setup with knees behind the bar and shoulders in front of the bar while maintaining vertical shins
– Ensure bar stays tight to the body as movement is initiated
– Pin the shoulders back and down
– Drive the heels into the ground and brace abs while shoulders and hips rise together
– Lower the bar in the reverse order it came up

EMOM x 14
Evens – 5-8 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
Odds – 10-12 GHD Situps

8 Rounds for time under a 20 min cap

10 Push Jerks
20 Cal Row/Bike/Ski

P – 115/75, L – 95/65, F – 75/55

Team Sled Push x 7 min – Heavy