6 min AMRAP
1 Burpee
10 DU’s or 30 singles
2 Burpees
20 DU’s or 60 singles
3 Burpees
30 DUs or 90 singles
4 Burpees
40 DU’s or 120 singles
and so on….
10 Single Leg Glute Bridges per leg
10 Cook Squats with active overhead rotation and reach
45 Sec Front Rack external rotation with PVC piper per side
45 Sec Banded shoulder distraction per side
Review the Front Box Squat then setup a box and practice the movement for 5 min while the coach provides feedback.
EMOM x 12
3 Front Box Squats at 60% of your 1RM Front Squat.
Box should be 1 inch below parallel
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Front Box Squats – keep your chest up and drive up quickly keeping pressure in the heels. As with all speed work, the intent is to develop force production, so downgrade loading if you aren’t able to explode up out of each rep. You will be better served to move faster and go lighter for this piece.
With an 11 min clock set as 3 intervals, 4 min work, 3 min rest, 4 min work
In a 4 min Window:
20 Deadlifts
20 TTB
20 Shoulder to Overhead
With the remainder of the 4 min, AMRAP Thrusters
Rest from 4-7 Min
At 7 min Mark in a 4 min Window:
15 Deadlifts
15 TTB
15 Shoulder to Overhead
With the remainder of the 4 min, AMRAP Thrusters
Score is total Thrusters Completed.
P – 135/95, Bar Facing Burpees
L – 95/65, Lateral Bar Burpees
F – 75/55, Burpees
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Both 4 min parts should be a sprint. All BB movements should be completed as close to UB as possible but split into 2 or 3 sets if needed. Thrusters are intended to be challenging. Keep in mind that most of the 4 min will elapse before you hit the wall so it’ s important that you go “all out”. If you cannot get to the thrusters in 4 min, your bar is too heavy. Lighten it up so that you can get in some thrusters.
Yoke Carry 5x 50m AHAP, resting as needed between sets