Spiderman Down, Reverse Spiderman Back
Forward Lunge Down, Reverse Lunge Back
Duck Walk Down, Reverse Duck Walk Back
Frog Hop Down, Reverse Frog Hop Back
Gorilla Hop Down, Reverse Gorilla Hop Back
Alternating Sumo Down/Back
High Knees Down/Butt Kicks Back
45 Sec/side Hammer-Nail Glute Mob with knee on Abmat
45 Sec/side Split Stance Adductor Mob with knee on Abmat
1 Min Dynamic Downward Dog
45 sec/side High Hamstring Tac and Floss with lax ball seated on box
Review the Sumo Deadlift and a few common faults.
Then use 5 min to perform a few sets of light Sumo Deadlifts with warmup loads.
With a 15 min running clock, perform:
8×5 Sumo Deadlifts for speed*
After Every set Perform 5 Box Jumps for Height**
*These Reps should be for speed. Drop and reset every rep. Make every one of them look pretty!
** Rest as needed between jumps and use a spotter as necessary. We are building explosive power with both movements here.
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
You should use a weight that you will be smooth with for all sets. Box jumps should be challenging to where the you need to develop good explosive power to get the desired training effect. The intent is to reset on each rep, be explosive/aggressive and adjust loading if unable to move efficiently.
EMOM until failure
3 Power Cleans
3 Front Squats
3 Jerks
Score = last completed round
P – 155/105
L – 135/95
F – 95/65
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Weights should be challenging here. All movements should be separated ie. no going from last power clean to squat clean. Advanced athletes shoot for 9+ rounds. This workout is incredibly challenging mentally. After the 1st few rounds athletes rest will start to diminish, but this is a good time to dig-in and break your mental barrier.
Lax Ball Smash Calves and Bottom of Feet
Foam Roll Lats
Peanut to Traps