PVC Reaction Circle Game x 6 min
Foam Roll/Lax Ball Smash lats, triceps, traps and mid and upper back.
Review the Mechanics of the Hand Stand Push Up
– Emphasis on committing to getting to the wall with legs straight, back to wall (no banana shape) and head looking forward at wall ahead
– Review proper hand placement, lockout and kips as necessary
EMOM x 12 min
Evens – 3-5 HSPU as strict as possible on level surface
Odds – 5 Strict Pull Ups (add weight if possible) or 8 Ring Rows
Options for HSPU:
– To scale up, add a defect with weight plates (only if not kipping)
– To scale down do 2 handstand negatives (slow movement fighting descent until head contacts pad)
– Box HSPU
– Timed HS Hold On Wall
– Shoulder Taps
– HS Kick Ups
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
You should complete 6 working sets of each movement with whatever scaling option matches your ability. All 6 sets should be challenging so make sure you choose an option that will work for your ability. Chin ups are allowed. Chin ups use a supinated grip which is more demanding on the biceps and anterior shoulder but is much easier than the traditional pronated grip pull up. Add weight with a vest or dip belt if possible.
7 min AMRAP, rest 3 min then Repeat
15 Box Jumps/Step Down
P – 32kg/24kg, 24″/20″ Add 3 Ring Muscle Ups at the end of each round
L – 24kg/16kg, 24″20″
F 16kg/12kg, 24″/20″ Step Ups
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is a good opportunity to practice managing breathing/pacing. Break up the work however necessary, but treat this like a sprint. A good strategy for you to follow is to set a goal to complete SDLHP/Box Jumps in a certain amount of time or certain rep scheme. This workout is Anaerobic in nature so push hard and move fast on all sets. Try to match or beat the amount of work completed in AMRAP 1 and 2
EMOM x 7
8-12 Push Ups