6 min of Ladder Drills
Skier Drill
10 Unloaded bar Front Squats
High Knees
10 Burpees
Ali Shuffle L
10 Unloaded Bar Thrusters
Ali Shuffle R
10 Alpine Jacks
Hopscotch Drill
10 Leg Kicks Per Side
10 Single Glute Bridges per leg
10 Cook Squats with active overhead rotation and reach
45 sec Front Rack external rotation with PVC pipe per side
45 sec Banded shoulder distraction per side
Review the points of performance of the Back Squat and then EMOM x 4
5 Back Squats at Warmup loads.
Squat cycle week 9 of 12
Using an 18 min running clock, perform the following sets of back squats:
8 @ 55% x 2 sets
5 @ 75% x 2 sets
2 @ 85% x 2 Sets
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is day 9 of a 12 week squat cycle that will conclude on 4/9/18 with 1RM testing. We are nearing the end!! Today’s sets will start on the lighter side with higher volume and progress you forward into 2 sets of heavy doubles. As always, focus on keeping good position over all sets and dial everything in before it gets heavy. As a reminder, if you miss a day, try to make it up during open gym if you want to stay on track. It is always advisable to lighten the load on the barbell to promote safe and effective movement. Approach these next few weeks with intent and purpose. Warm up appropriately and pay attention to mobility and movement as we progress forward.
For time under a 20 min cap
40 Cal Row or Bike
21 TTB
21 Hang Power Snatch
Rest 1 Min
30 Cal Row or Bike
15 TTB
15 Hang Power Snatch
Rest 1 Min
20 Cal Row or Bike
9 Hang Power Snatch
P – 115/75
L – 95/65
F – 75/55, Hanging Knee Raises
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
You should look to find your pace today and split movements however you feel best fits your needs. We encourage you to focus on keeping your row/bike form and pace solid at all times. Keep your pulls on the rower smooth and strong following a legs-arms-arms-legs pattern. On the Bike, keep your chest and head up without wasting energy by flailing all over and wasting energy. Try to have every round feel exactly the same in terms of breathing/pacing. Snatches are intended to be light and should be completed in 2 or 3 sets. Anything more and scaling load should be considered.
4 sets, alternating movements, resting as needed:
Standing DB Arnold Presses – 8-12 reps
GHD Situps – 12-15 reps