COMPARE TO 11/28/17
Target Mobility
Walking Quad Pull
10 Push-ups
Bear Crawl
10 Ab mat Situps
10 Jump Squats
Lateral Lunge
10 Pull ups
Rotational Sumo
10 Hollow Rocks
Smash/Roll Adductors with Foam Roller – 45 sec per side
3 Position Adductor/Hamstring Activation – 8 reps per position
– Heels elevated
– Flat feet
– Toes elevated
3 Position Lower Body Band Stretch
Review the Deadlift. Use a top down approach.
– First, review setup. Knees behind the bar and shoulders in front of the bar while maintaining vertical shins and a braced posture.
– Review bracing and posture in the finish position.
– Review the bar path – same up and down.
– Review proper position at the bottom and then on the way back up.
EMOM x 14
E – 3 Deadlifts at 85-90% with 2 second pause at the top of each lift
O – 8 Strict TTB
E – 3 Deadlifts at 75-80% with 2 second pause at the top of each lift
O – 12 GHD Situps
E – 5 Deadlifts at a moderate load, working on proper position and mechanics
O – 15 Abmat Situps
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
All deadlifts should be perfect as far as technique goes. This should indicate the load used. The loading should also challenge athletes rep after the 2 count pause. Try to keep all reps together without letting go of the bar, if possible. Keep in mind the purpose of the 2 sec pause is to work the “lockout” ie. top range which allows us to get the most out of the movement and will help to improve all other pulling movements.
5 Rounds for time under a 12 min Cap
5 “Curtis P” Complexes*
10 Box Jumps
* Power Clean + Lunge + Lunge (opposite foot) + Push Press
P – 115/75, 30”/20”, L – 95/65, 24”/20”, F – 75/55, 20”/16”
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Athletes should be able to complete 3-4 CP reps unbroken so loading should be relatively light. This workout is about maintaining a consistent pace that is slower than normal because the movement is complex and will illicit a huge spike in heart-rate if athletes go out too fast. None of the movements should present an issue though if athletes choose the correct weight. Weights may be slightly lighter than what they would choose for a workout like “Grace”.
3 Rounds Not For time, Alternating Movements:
12 Dumbbell Bench Press at a moderate load
15 Ring rows – feet elevated on box, if possible
45 Sec Pigeon Stretch Per Side