3 Rounds
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
8 Walking Lunges
8 Air Squats
30 Double Unders or 60 Singles
8 Push Ups
8 Pull Ups or Ring Rows
Everyone needs 2 mini bands – 1 strong for lower body one lighter for shoulders.
10 Mini Band Lateral Toe Taps/Side
10 Mini Band Fire Hydrants Per Side
15 Mini Band Scapular Activation Presses
10 Mini Band External Rotations with palms up and 10 with palms down
5 Mini Band Shoulder Oscillation Raises with palms facing in and 5 with palms facing out.
Specific Warmup
Review the Points of performance of the Thruster and Pull Ups.
Then 10 min AMRAP at 60% Pace:
8 KB Windmills Per Side
KB Halos – 5 rotations per direction
8 Thrusters with unloaded bar
8 Hanging Kips
7min AMRAP
3-6-9-12-15 and so on
Pull Ups
P (open as Rx) – 100/65, Chest to Bar
L – 75/55, Chin Over the Bar
F (open as scaled) – 65/45, Jumping Pull Ups
Coach’s Notes
Pull the Bar Down – When you are engaging in the thruster and reach the top of the movement, actively pull the bar down instead of letting it drop to your shoulders. This will increase the cycle rate of the thrusters. When considering your pacing in this workout, think about how you would approach “Fran” and take 1 step back.
Break Up the Reps – Extended sets are not a good idea. Once you lose the efficiency in the movement, it’s gone for the rest of the workout. Break up the reps in a sustainable manner when you reach the longer rounds.
Breathing – Breathe is critical to your athletic performance, this workout is no different. When tackling the thrusters, breathe at the top and at the bottom of the movement. You also need to breathing during the entirety of the chest-to-bar pull-up movement. Make a point of overemphasizing the way in which you breathe in and out during this workout.
Protect your Hands – You should consider using some sort of hand protection in this workout. Any type of grips will do, but be sure to use a type of a grip you are familiar and comfortable with using. A rip could be disastrous, especially if you want to attempt this a second time.
Weightlifting Shoes – Weightlifting shoes are optional and our recommendation is based on whether or not the thruster is going to be a limitation for you. If thrusters or front squats are a weakness of yours, weightlifting shoes could make the movement a bit easier and may help you conserve some energy for the rest of the workout.
15-20 minute Bike or Row Cool down (Flush legs & feel good before leaving)