10 Shuttle Runs
Walking Quad Pull with reach 30′ down
Butt Kicks Back
Walking Hip Cradle 30′ Down
High Knees Back
Inchworm Push Up 30′ Down
Side-to-Side Shuffle Lunge back
10 Shuttle Runs
2 Rounds:
15 Banded Pushdowns
15 Banded Pull Aparts (1 set behind neck/1 set normal in front)
30 sec Side Lying Chest Opener per side
Review the Close Grip Bench Press and points of performance.
With a 20 min running clock, work up to a 5RM for the day Close Grip Bench Press
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
– “Close Grip” means that your hands will be approx. 16 inces apart. This is the same or similar distance that covers the smooth part of the par where there is no knurling.
– Begin with a few light sets to warmup.
– Take 5-7 sets to progressively build to a max for day, based on feel.
– “Max” for the day is the load immediately before that at which you would lose proper mechanics and positioning. Stop as soon as you determine that you’ve reached that load.
– Rest at least 1 min between sets.
– Make sure you use a spotter.
– Close Grip bench press is great for building up the triceps where most people lack strength.
3 Rounds:
1 min Farmer Carry AHAP
1 min rest
1 min OH Plate Lunges
1 min rest
P – 45/35, L – 35/25, F – 25/10
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
¬¬Today is a lower intensity workout that will help get your heart rate up and flush out the system. On Farmer Carries ensure that you choose a load that will allow you to keep your chest up and shoulders back while challenging your grip. For the overhead plate lunges keep your arms locked out and your chest tall. Ensure that your heel on the front leg stays on the ground and that your knee tracks in line with your 2nd toe.
– Bully Stretch x 2 min Per Arm
– Lax Ball to Scapular Ridge and Traps – 2 min per side
– Downward Dog 30s on 15s off for 5 rounds