6 min AMRAP

20 Double Unders or 40 Singles

8 Monkey Raises
4 Walkout to S
Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 min
Review the points of performance of the Push Jerk. 

Then perform sets of Push Jerk with an unloaded bar as 30 sec on/30 sec off for 5 rounds

Under a 15 min cap partner up and perform 3 waves of Push Jerk clusters

4 reps rest 15 seconds,
3 reps rest 15 seconds,
2 reps rest 15 seconds then switch partners
Climb weight across sets and rest as needed.
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Cluster sets are a great way to learn how to push through fatigue and fell out position. These clusters will not only help strengthen your positions and build power, but the great benefit of feeling what its like to maintain good position under stress is extremely beneficial. Make sure all reps are started with a quick dip and powerful push. Stand up all the way before bringing the bar back down to the front rack position. Make sure you are pushing from the front rack on all reps and not carrying the load on your wrists! Lower the loads if you are unable to maintain smooth, snappy reps.

For time under a 15 min Cap
100 Double Unders or 200 Singles

45 Toes to Bar

45 Abmat Situps

45 Box Jumps

45 Ball Slams
Pull Ups

100 Double Unders or 200 singles
P – 30”/24”, 30#/20# D Ball, Chest to Bar

L – 24”/20”, 30#/20# D Ball

F – Hanging Knee Raise or Toes to Pole, 20”/16”, 20#/10# D Ball, Jumping Pull Ups
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Have a plan to pace yourself for the entire working time. Breaking sets early on the TTB, Pull ups and Ball Slams will allow you to sustain yourself for the long haul. That being said, it is recommended to approach each of these movements with a plan of attack based on how well you perform each individually. Some movements may need to be broken up, while others like box jumps, abmats, and double unders may be performed comfortably in bigger sets. Aim to breathe heavy here, but not to the point where you couldn’t speak in complete sentences,

3 Rounds, resting as needed
15 Hollow to Superman Rolls

5 Wall Kick Ups to Handstand or 5 Freestanding Handstand Kickups
12-15 GHD Back Extensions