With a partner Complete a 5 min AMRAP:
30 Partner Wallballs over a pull up bar
15 Chest Passes w/Med Ball
10 Squat Thrusts (5 each)
1 min Bully Stretch Per Side
1 min Banded Shoulder Opener with External Rotation Per Side
Double Arm Banded Opener Series – 45 sec tall lockout position, 45 sec W Position, 45 sec reverse arm with forward lean
Review each part of the Snatch in a top down approach.
Then Ready/Go Style – Making adjustments as needed:
Snatch High Pull From Hip
Power Snatch From the Hip
Bar Sweep from Knee to Hip
Hang Power Snatch From the Knee
Bar Sweep from Start Position to Knee to Hip
Power Snatch
EMOM x 12
2-3 Hang Power Snatches
P – 70-75%
L – 65-70%
F – Work by feel
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
The focus here should be on mechanics; pulling the bar into the hips from the correct position, pushing off of the ground hard from the midfoot/heels, letting the bar move straight up and close to the body and dropping fast under the bar while punching to the ceiling. If reps look or feel sloppy, drop the load and work on technique.
14min AMRAP
15 American KB Swings
12 Wallballs
9 KB Goblet Squats
P – 24kg (55)/16kg (35), 30/20
L – 16kg (35)/12kg (25), 20/14
F – Russian KB Swings 14/10
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Pacing is key today. KBS weight should be light. You should try to go unbroken on sets and rest 8-10 sec between transitions when it starts to get tough. You game plan should include starting slow and settling in to keep your heart-rate consistent. This workout is very easy to redline early by going out too fast. Consider augmenting your pace as the workout progresses with the intent of pushing your pace for the last 2 minutes.
50 Cal Bike for time