6 min AMRAP
8 Good Mornings with unloaded bar
25′ Bear Crawl
8 Russian KB Swings – Moderate
8 Inchworm Pushups
Lax Ball to glute/hamstring seated on box with bend/extend leg and hip- 90 sec per side
Smash/Roll Adductors with Foam Roller – 90 sec per side
3 Position Adductor/Hamstring Activation – 5-10 reps per position
– Heels elevated
– Flat feet
– Toes elevated
3 Position Lower Body Band Stretch
10-15 Lying PVC Shoulder Raises
Kneeling Thoracic Spine Drill w/pvc- 1 min wide, 1 min tight
Kneeling Elbow to knee to open stretch – 10 per side
Review the Key Points of Performance about the Deadlift and HSPU.
Specific Warmup
With a 15 min running clock, perform 2-3 sets with an increasing effort per set:
15 Cal Row
3 Deadlifts at game weight 1
5 Kipping HSPU or 5 Hand Release Push Ups
3 Deadlifts at game weight 1
5 Kipping HSPU or 5 Hand Release Push Ups
3 Deadlifts at game weight 2
HS Walk or Bear Crawl 10ft
Rest 2-3 min between sets
For time under a 9 min cap
Then right into
Deadlifts (increased load)
HS Walk 50′ (25′ down and back)
P (open as Rx) – 225/155 (bar 1), 315/205(bar 2)
L – 185/135, Box HSPU or Pike Push up, 225/155, Shoulder Taps on Wall
F (open as scaled) 135/95 (bar 1), Hand Release Push Ups, 185/135 (bar 2), Bear Crawl
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is a fast, brutal and demanding workout. Because of this, the setup of your equipment needs to be tight and close together. You only have 9 min to complete what amounts too basically two versions of ‘diane’ which increases in difficulty exponentially into the second round.
Two Barbells – It’s recommended (and allowed) that you use two barbells in this workout. The second barbell should be located very close to the first barbell to allow
for quick transition between rounds. Another person can move the first barbell out of your way before you tackle the second section of the workout.
Chalk – Another week I am advocating Chalk use?!?!? You will it to help tackle the deadlifts. You should pre-chalk your bar.
Break Up the Reps – Don’t try and squeeze through this as fast as possible. You should partition the reps to allow your body a chance to recover. No Failed Reps on HSPU – Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Take the time to not only memorize what the standard is for this movement, but also get your heels well and clear past the line, every rep. Do not go unbroken on the deadlifts, either. They should be broken up in consistent sets that are sustainable for you and can be done in a quick concise manner.
Know Your Capabilities – Knowing your own capabilities is critical to your success here. If you know you will have trouble meeting the standard for the HSPU, you need to save your energy to make sure you will miss as few reps as possible. Conversely, if you know you will have trouble on the deadlifts, you should break up the reps in a way that prevents you from blowing out your low back and allows you to continue.
Warm-Up Well – The warm-up we have created is designed to help you meet the movement standards. Do not skimp on it. Spend more focus on your warm up thank usual when preparing for 18.4.
Tabata 20 on 10 off, alternating through 6 rounds of each.
Elbow Touch Plank
Hip Drop Plank
Side Plank L
Side Plank R