Spiderman Down, Reverse Spiderman Back
Forward Lunge Down, Reverse Lunge Back
Duck Walk Down, Reverse Duck Walk Back
Frog Hop Down, Reverse Frog Hop Back
Gorilla Hop Down, Reverse Gorilla Hop Back
Alternating Sumo Down/Back
High Knees Down/Butt Kicks Back
Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 min
Review the Turkish Get Up.
– Move through all steps with a shoe balanced on a closed fist, and move on to a Light KB/Dumbbell or PVC
– Stop to analyze each position and make sure eyes remain in contact with object at all times
Use 12 min to build to a heavy set of 3 TGU Per Side.
With a 20 min running clock, 3 Rounds for time:
15 Cal Bike
10 Burpee Box Jumps
10 Cal Bike
8 Burpee Box Jumps
5 Cal Bike
6 Burpee Box Jumps
Rest 3 min then 3 Rounds for time:
10 Dball Over Shoulder
1 DB Manmaker
8 Dball Over Shoulder
2 DB Manmakers
6 Dball Over Shoulder
3 DB Manmakers
P- 24”/20”, 70/50, 50/35
L – 20”/16”, 24kg/16kg, 70/50, 40/25
F – 16”/12”, 16kg/12kg, 50/30, 25/15
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Athletes may start at whichever couplet the prefer. This workout is intended to push your mental capability as it gets progressively harder each round. Establish your pace early and move in a way that allows you to stay consistent. This workout should be anaerobic and the 3 min rest between pieces should be necessary to recharge. The challenge will be maintaining breathing with global movement patterns. Scaling is very important as this is an easy workout to “redline” on.
Row an easy 1k