8 Shuttle Runs (turf to rig and back)
Toy Soldier Walk to rig
8 Shoulder Scapular Wall Slides
Walking Hip Cradle back to turf
8 Shuttle Runs
Walking Alternating Quad Stretch w/reach to rig
8 Hanging Scapular retractions
Crab Walk Back to turf
20 Band Pull-aparts
2 min to work a Lax Ball up and down the ridge of each scapula
90 sec per side Lax Ball side shoulder opener
1 min Bully Stretch per side
Review the points of performance of the Push Jerk.
Then with a bar at warmup loads, perform a Push Jerk conga line in groups of 3-5 for 5 min.
– Bar is taken from a rack.
– 3-5 reps per round are performed in a controlled manner.
With a 15 min Running Clock:
Push Jerk – In 8-10 sets, build to a heavy set of 3 for the day
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Progressively build to a heavy set of 3 for day Push Jerk. Make sure you have plan before starting so you do not fail too early. Most athletes strict shoulder press will be 40%-50% less than their push jerk so you may use this info in the future for comparison lifts.
EMOM Until Failure:
5 Pull Ups
7 American KB Swings
9 Wall Balls
Score = last completed round
P – 32kg/24kg, 30/20
L – 24kg/16kg, 20/14
F – 16kg/12kg, 14/10
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
All movements should start to become challenging here. Advanced athletes should shoot for 9+ rounds. We are working anaerobic endurance with this one and challenging your CP battery to recharge with diminishing rest. This workout is incredibly challenging mentally. After the 1st few rounds your rest will start to diminish, but this is a good time to dig-in and break the mental barrier.
3 Rounds:
30 Banded Leg Curls with 1-2 sec pause each leg
15 Half-Kneeling Banded Rotations each side
30s Side Plank each side
Rest as needed between sets.