Mini Band Monster Walk Down/Back
5 Mini Band Clamshells per Leg
10 Mini Band Air Squats
15 Mini Band Jumping Jacks 
Elevated Soleus Stretch – 45 Sec Per Side
10 Seated Tibial Rotations
10 Rocking Pole Squats
45 Sec Per Side Tabletop Glute/Hip Flexor Stretch
45 Sec Per Side Figure 4 Adductor Stretch
“Squat Therapy”
90 Sec Wall Squat
90 Sec Goblet Squat
90 Sec Bar Squat
90 Sec Pole Squat
Squat Cycle week 7 of 12
Using an 18 min running clock, perform the following sets of back squats.
5 @ 70% x 2 sets
3 @ 85% x 3 sets
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This is day 6 of a 12 week squat cycle that will conclude on 4/9/18 with 1RM testing. We are halfway through!! Loads are lighter today than usual, but the volume is increased. Focus on keeping good position over this massive amount of reps. Even though they are lighter, dont forget about all points of performance. At week 6, you should be starting to feel stronger overall. As a reminder, if you miss a day, try to make it up during open if you want to stay on track. It is always advisable to lighten the load on the barbell to promote safe and effective movement. Approach these next few weeks with intent and purpose. Warm up appropriately and pay attention to mobility and movement as we progress forward.
12 min AMRAP
6 Burpees
8 Clean and Jerks 115/75
10 Box Jumps 24″/20″
P – 115/75, 24”/20”, L – 95/65, 24”20”, F – 75/55, 20”/16”
4 Rounds of 5 reps per leg. 10 sec hold per rep
Deadbug with Band Pull