Lying Chest Opener With Side Bow – 45 Sec Per Side 
Lax Ball/Rig Pole Trap and Neck Release – 45 Sec Per Side
Banded Rhomboid Stretch – 45 Sec Per Side
15 reps Double Foam Roller Mid Back Activation
15 Reps Low Trap Activation
Quickly review each part of the Snatch listed below.
The with a 6 min running clock and  an unloaded barbell: 
2-3 rounds of
5 Snatch Grip Deadlifts
5 Snatch High Pulls
5 Hang Muscle Snatch from just below the knee
5 Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerks
5 Hang Power Snatches
5 Overhead Squats
With an 15 min running clock, work on single rep Snatches.
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
The idea here is to work on positions and how to “feel out” snatches. Experienced Athletes may choose whether to lift heavy or to concentrate on position work. Many athletes need to work using their hips more so pulling from the correct position at the knee may help those who struggle here. Try to get full snatches with a squat if your mobility allows you to.
30 DU’s
10 Alternating Pistols
30 DU’s
10 alternating Knee Tap Squats 
60 Single Unders
20 Air Squats
Rest 3 min then:
Team Yoke Carry x 7 min – 1 Mens Yoke (larger Yoke), 1 Ladies Yoke (smaller yoke)
Performed just like a team sled push with teams lined up on the opposite side of the gym. Add or take away weight as needed
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Part 1 of this workout is a sprint. The limiter here is how well you perform single leg squatting
movements. Aim to work at ab 85-90% pace for the entire 7 min. Make crisp transitions and do not get flustered if you mess up on the jump rope. Stay the course and breathe. The pistols or modifications of them, will be your chance to perfect a high skill movement under stress so this is a great opportunity to get better.
For part 2….An ideal yoke setup is when the yoke has 4 to 6 inches of clearance from its feet to the ground when you stand with it on your shoulders. Any less and slight deviations in balance during the carry can make the yoke touch the ground, and any more clearance may eventually impede the loads that you can stand up to carry.Place your hands on the crossbar outside shoulder width, similar to a back squat. With an erect posture, feet flat on the ground in a squat stance, and hips under the crossbar, drive through the floor to standing. With your eyes on the horizon, take small, increasingly quick steps. Your knees are soft to keep the carry smooth and steps are “heel to toe” and small to avoid vertical sway. Think about walking with a wider base rather than on a “tightrope.” Try not to round your back and keep your chest proud. You can return the yoke to the ground the same way you stood it up, the most effective exit strategy at the end of a successful carry should be a slight lowering of your center of mass to unload the yoke and continue moving, leaving the yoke behind. A very taxing part of the yoke is time under tension, so move the load as quickly as possible to the other side, but take due regard for technique.
Accumulate 2 min total of stretching in the following poses;
Pigeon per side
Couch Stretch Per Side
Seated Forward Bend