Walking Downward Dog – 30 Ft Down
Cat Crawl 30 ft Back
Split Jacks Per Leg
Abmat Sit Ups
Walking Downward Dog – 30 Ft Down
Cat Crawl 30 ft Back
Joint Mobility/Group Stretch x 6 min
Review the Following Movements: 
DB Row from Lunge Position
Bar Roll Out 
Then take 5 min to work through 3-4 Rounds with a lightly loaded bar and light DB
5 Deadlifts
5 DB Row from Lunge Position per side
EMOM x 12
A – 5-8 Deadlifts
B – 8-10 DB Row from Lunge Position per side
C – 5-8 Bar Rollouts
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
For this section, judge all movement loading and volume on feel. You will go through 4 rounds of each movement so feel free to adjust this as needed as you progress forward. Make sure all movements are deliberate and performed with a purpose and ensure that you don’t round on deadlifts, are in the correct lunge pattern for DB rows, and that you become fully engaged on the roll outs.
For time under an 18 min cap
Performed in any order
60 Cal Row
60 Push Ups
60 American KB Swings
60 GHD Situps
60 Push Jerks
60 Bodyweight Walking Lunges
P – 32kg/24kg, 115/75 L – 24kg/16kg, 95/65, F – Modify Push ups as needed 16kg/12kg, Abmat Situps, 75/55
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
This chipper does not have to be completed in the order listed, however, once a movement is started, do not move on until you have completed all 60 reps of that particular one. Pace should be about 75% here today because of the huge amount of volume included. Enter this workout with a set number of reps you would like to break up the work for each movement with and stick to it. Do not push yourself to a point where you may redline on any of these movements.
3 Rounds not for time
12 DB Lateral Raises  
12 Diamond Push Ups
20 Banded Seated Rows