Battle Rope Sprint Matrix
The class will be divided into teams of 3-5 with each team stationed in front of a rope. At 321 go the first person in line will start and complete the designated movement for 15 seconds. After the 15 seconds passes by they will switch with the person behind them in line and head to the back of the line. Once the 1st person in line returns to the start, the movement will change.
– Alternating waves
– Double Slams
– Hip Toss
– Jumping Jacks
– Scissor Jack Waves
– Burpee Slam
Dynamic Joint Mobility x 6 min
Review kipping and discuss common faults seen in performing kips. Then, kipping progression/warmup.
1 min of Hollow Hold Roll to Superman Hold
1 min of Kip Swing to Hollow Arch
1 min of Kip Swing to Hollow Knee Pull
1 min of Floor Kips
15 min to work on Kipping/Pull ups/Muscle Ups
Perform 4-5 rounds of the following, resting as needed;
4 Strict Ring Pull Ups
4 Toes to Rings
1 Muscle Up
10 Second L Sit in Rings
4 Strict Ring Dips
(Perform Unbroken, if possible)
4 Strict Pull Ups
4 Strict TTB 
10 Sec Hanging L Sit or Hanging Knee Tuck
4 Strict Dips
4 Ring Rows
4 Hanging Straight Leg Raises
10 Second Knee Tuck
4 Push Ups
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Use this one to help develop your gymnastics movements. The skill work hopefully helped you realize how important it is to get comfortable with the hollow and extended positions. You can either use this time to work on mastering pull ups, kipping and/or muscle ups, or sharpen your skills in a challenging way if you already have a solid grasp on these movements.
Every 5 min for 3 Sets (15 min clock)
40 Box Jumps
20 Shuttle Sprints
P – 24”/20”
L – 24”/20”
F – 20”/16” (step ups allowed)
Score is your slowest split
Coach’s Notes/Training Intent
Set a goal to complete the box jumps in as a few sets as possible. Performance level athletes should be able to go UB for the entire workout. Athletes should look to have roughly 90sec-2min rest after each round which will only allow for partial recovery. This workout should NOT be an all out sprint, but more of an attempt to work on changing directions and being efficient at higher speeds.. The rest interval will not allow for complete recovery so athletes should try to complete the box jumps in bigger sets than normal, but not at maximal efforts.
Tabata 20 sec on 10 sec off, alternating movements for 12 rounds total (4 rounds of Each).
Commandos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oForOWaOSEc)
Side Plank L 
Side Plank R
Russian KB Swings AHAP