Head, Shoulders, Knees and Cone game X 6 min


Lax Ball to glute/hamstring seated on box with bend/extend leg and hip – 1 min/side
Barbell calf smash – 1 min/side
Barbell quad smash – 1 min/side


Review of the Box Back Squat
Ensure that with each rep you are completing the points of performance of the Squat as well as the following points, specific to the Box Squat:
– Feet remain firmly planted during entire lift, especially while sitting on the box (this may be easier for some with the corner of the box angled forward as opposed to a flat side)
– You should be sitting on the box with full body weight – not just a gentle tap with the glutes
– While on the box, sit up tall and focus on remaining braced. Look for the shoulders/bar to be in the line with the hips
-To initiate standing, you should lean slightly forward in a controlled manner, just until you feel weight shifted to the feet and immediately drive hard into the ground to complete the motion.
Avoid quickly rocking forward and using momentum to shoot the bar up.
The height of the box should allow for an “at parallel” or just below parallel position.


Under a 15 min running clock perform 2 sets of the following Box Back Squat waves
Wave 1 – 6-4-2
Wave 2 – 6-4-2
Take a few warm-up sets before starting first wave. Work by feel today. Waves should be progressive in weight as long as technique is maintained.
Wave 1 – 6 @ 135, 4 @ 155, 2 @ 175
Wave 2 – 6 @ 155, 4 @ 185, 2 @ 205
Work in groups and rest as needed in between sets.


EMOM until failure – capped at 20 min
3 Thrusters
4 Box Jump Overs
3 Dips
P – 115/75, 30”/24”, Ring Dips
L – 95/65, 24”/20”, Stationary Dips
F – 75/55, 20”/16” Step Overs, Box Dips


3 rounds not for time
12 GHD Back Extensions
2 Consecutive TGU/side AHAP