3 rounds – 8 min cap
Row or ski 1:00 min easy pace
Cat Crawl 30 ft
Reverse Cat Crawl 30 ft
20 sec Handstand Hold or Pike Hold
6 Pause Goblet Squats with light weight (2-3 sec pause)


Partner Shoulder Stretch with PVC – 30 sec/partner
10 Cook Squats
15 Side Lying Windmill Rotations/side


Coach will demonstrate each movement then, “Ready – Go” style perform reps of each movement with an unloaded or lightly loaded bar. Coach will make adjustments as needed.
Snatch balance or Behind the Neck Grip Push Jerk (Fitness level)
Overhead Squat


Under a 16 min running clock, perform:
7 X 2
P/L – snatch balance + OH squat*
F – Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Push Jerk + OH Squat*
* The complex as written = 1 rep, ex. Performance Level (1) set = Snatch Balance + OH Squat + Snatch Balance + OH Squat
– Take bar from the rig or blocks
– Start at a moderate weight and build across sets as long as technique remains strong
– Focus today is volume with speed under the bar and holding a strong position in the squat so prioritize the perfect position over weight on the bar


13 min AMRAP
15 Burpees Over the DB
10 DB Snatch, right arm*
10 DB Snatch, left arm*
Handstand Walk 25 ft. (every 5 ft = 1 rep)
COACHES – please use cones to denote 5 ft increments along a pathway for athletes. This pathway can be used for both handstand walking (will travel one way) and the bear crawls (25 ft out then turn around for 25 ft back)
* all 10 Snatches must be completed on one side, before switching to the other side
P – 50/35
L – 40/25, Bear Crawl 50 ft (every 5 ft = ½ rep)
F – Burpees, 30/15, Bear Crawl 50 ft.


Upper body cool down:
1 min in puppy dog (https://youtu.be/E-CpI4Ie9kk?t=31)
1 min in modified crab hold (https://youtu.be/E-CpI4Ie9kk?t=143)
1 min hold in thread the needle/side (https://youtu.be/E-CpI4Ie9kk?t=203)