The Power Of Mindset And How It relates To Your Health Goals

The Power Of Mindset And How It relates To Your Health Goals

By Katie Siemon

Positive thinking… what does it mean exactly in this world where we are constantly running around with packed schedules that require more hours than there are in the day? We live in a broken world with violence and hurt all over the media and sometimes it seems like sickness has snuck its way into every family. How do we thinking positive, and more importantly how does it effect my health and my fitness goals?

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Bottom line, we all have a story. My personal story is what has developed my passion on this topic. Through all the events of my life; good or bad, happy or sad, difficult or easy, the power of my mindset has made the greatest impact in all occasions. Here are a few ways in which a shift in your mindset can greatly impact your health and fitness goals.

How mindset helps you overcome the suck:
Short of an injury, your mind will always quit before your body. Often times, especially in our sport, we find ourselves in a place where we are physically uncomfortable. Our body temperature is elevated, our heart is pounding, our lungs feel like they can’t take in enough oxygen and our mind says: “ehhh just stop now, you have reached the point of discomfort.” Truth is, your body has the capability to keep going! Science tells us that although levels of fuel inside our muscles (glycogen, fat, ATP) do decrease with exercise, they never fully run out. It is at this point that you need to silence the repeated alarm of discomfort and tell yourself to keep going. Sounds easy right? However, this is one the of largest hurdles that stands in the way of people breaking through a fitness barrier… they stop when they feel uncomfortable. The place right outside your comfort zone is right where the results happen. Not only does your body become stronger but you have now set a new limit for your mind. You have reset the ceiling at where your body starts to feel discomfort.

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How a clear mindset impacts your overall health.
Living in a social media, on the go, immediate response generation, our brains are often overwhelmed with to-do lists, and worries. Constant worry and repeated thoughts often lead to interrupted sleep patterns and unhealthy habits. Its not easy to find time to set aside to clear your mind of the day to day and focus on your breathing. Crossfit is a combination of functional movements at high intensity. Therefore, during a lift, a metcon, or a skill we are so focused on what we are doing that the other “busy thoughts” that consume our mind during the rest of the 23 hours of the day can not co-exist in our brain. Maybe you have felt that “high” after a workout. Your feel good hormones are racing thorough you body and for that one hour you had no other responsibilities but to breathe and get one more rep. Who knew that your hour per day would good for your body and your mind? So the next time you try to talk yourself out of your workout because you “didn’t eat that poorly” or you feel like you have already taken a lot of steps that day, remember your workout is doing more than just building your six pack.

How to feed the positivity:
Personal development may seem like a drag. You may not be the touchy, feely, feelings type of person, but i can tell you that a commitment to personal growth will significantly impact your results in the gym and in the other aspects of your life. Each of us has the ability to achieve the goals we set out for ourselves. Having confidence in your abilities is not arrogance. I am not telling you to walk around with an oversized ego. We each need life breathed into us. It is not enough to just wake up eat, work, workout, sleep and repeat. There are so many resources out there whether it is a book, audiobook, podcast or a reputable journal. Find what works for you and commit to 10 pages or 10 minutes per day.

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Starting your day with a positive mindset, the ability to push past your comfort zone, and having an outlet to clear your mind will result in substantial gains when it comes to reaching your goals. If you need help with setting up your goals, or recommendations for shifting your mindset reach out to one of our coaches here!