Lance Brown

Lance comes to us as a Portsmouth native. Leaving many times (with Uncle Sam and living in Colorado), but coming back again and again. While in college for pre-med, he dropped out feeling that there was something else he needed to be doing. If you don’t love the journey, what makes you think you’ll like the destination? Right? This resulted in Lance spending the past 11 years pursuing his understanding of fitness and athleticism all over the US and in many different fields and gyms. He knows he made the right choice now.

But, he started where many of us did. In the YMCA weight room and running down the road outside his house. This fostered a lifestyle and love of exercise and human performance, but not fitness as we know it in the CrossFit community. Over the years he pursued sports and fitness in many fields. Some of them being wingsuit skydiving, ultramarathoning, rock climbing, skiing, swimming, and biking, with the gym and trails as the base of his fitness.

His view now of sports and fitness is much like the CrossFit model of fitness: broad and inclusive. Lance ended up attending his Level 1 in Boulder, Colorado while in school. This was after years of thinking nothing but the worst of CrossFit. He was a hater, for sure. Only to find it was what he had been looking for all along with an open-source fitness community that seeks to create physically balanced, capable, humble individuals. It’s the truth seeker’s fitness. It was the hardest thing he had ever done. It humbled him, and he hasn’t stopped. Since then, he has pretty much-devoted everything to becoming the best coach he can and hasn’t looked back once. His favorite movements are heavy thrusters, handstand walks, bar muscle ups, and running.

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