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September Athlete of the Month: Sarah Feldman

How and when did you discover CrossFit?
I came to EverProven through a challenge group. After the challenge I immediately signed-up (I think October of last year?) because this is an awesome community!
How has CrossFit affected you since you started?
I used to workout at home doing various programs, and it felt more like a chore rather than something I enjoyed. Now, I really look forward to the new challenge that each class brings, and I actually want to go to the gym!
What class do you normally attend?
The 4 pm class is where I normally hang out, but I’ll jump around to the 5:30 am or 6:30 pm depending on my schedule.
What are your short and long term goals?
Short term, I am looking forward to finally getting an unassisted pull up, I’m so close to getting it! Long term, I’m excited to get working on the fundamentals of some gymnastics based moves. Oh and double unders. I guess I have a lot of work to do!
What’s your favorite WOD/movement?
Box jumps, or burpees. I’ll complain all day about a burpee, but I actually really like them. It’s something about the whole body movement that feels powerful! Box jumps make me feel like I can fly!
What’s your LEAST favorite WOD/movement?
Mountain climbers. I thought I’d learn to like them after they appeared more often during Zoom workouts, but still no.
What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?
I’ve never been able to master skiing or snowboarding, so I’m currently teaching myself how to surf. I have an activity I can enjoy outside all year. If there are any surfers out there that have any tips, send them my way!

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