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Physical Therapy

Striving for excellence in rehabilitation and movement recovery.

Physical Therapy

In a place where one strives for excellence in workouts, it is the ideal place to strive for excellence in rehabilitation and movement recovery.


Physical therapy at EverProven will look like this:

  • direct access to a physical therapist,
  • no doctor referral needed,
  • always 1:1 sessions,
  • individualized care,
  • differential diagnosis and treatment for your injury,
  • and the priority of working toward your goals.


It is cash-based, so insurance does not dictate how many visits, how many times a week, or how long you can participate. At the center of this rehabilitation model is our commitment to your health and wellness in body, mind, and spirit. Aligned with the same mission, vision, and values of this community, physical therapy at EverProven will provide you with empowering strategies for how to live a bold life at home, at work, at the gym, during play, and all aspects of your world.

Marissa has a unique skill set to offer clients at EverProven. Because of her blend of sport-specific CrossFit background, neurologic rehabilitation specialty, and experience in a variety of clinical settings, she is an ideal provider to guide you during your pursuit of health, wellness, and resilience. If you are injured, or wondering how to optimize your life with movement, come experience what “excellence in rehabilitation” looks like.

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About Dr. Marissa St. Germain, PT, DPT

Marissa St. Germain is a doctor of physical therapy, located in Dover, NH. She earned her undergraduate degree (‘12) and doctoral degree (‘15) from Quinnipiac University. Since then, she has practiced in NH, ME, and FL in a variety of settings (hospital, inpatient rehab, and outpatient clinics). In 2018, she participated in a year long neurologic residency training at Brooks Rehabilitation in Jacksonville, FL. In July 2020, she received her Board Certification as a Neurologic Clinical Specialist. During her residency in FL, Marissa had the unique opportunity to provide rehabilitation for a pre-professional ballerina who had sustained a spinal cord injury. Marissa designed a neurological return to dance program which she is in the process of submitting for publication in an international journal.

Outside of dance, Marissa has been an active CrossFit participant for the past 7 years and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Her hope is for all individuals to reach their highest potential – and offers a unique rehabilitation perspective from athletes to older adults. She believes the path to comprehensive health and wellness includes: 1) injury prevention, 2) specific biomechanic analysis and collaboration with coaches, and 3) individualized rehabilitation and recovery for the whole person. She especially likes the integration of neuro rehab within CrossFit specific sport. Since moving to Dover in September 2020, she has been a member of EverProven CrossFit and is very excited to offer her specialist services to the EverProven and local seacoast community!


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