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Legends (50+)

I have only just started CrossFit as a 66 year old senior…. by staying within the parameters set I look forward to doing this for many years.

Legends 50+

Our CrossFit strength and conditioning program geared for athletes over 50 years old.   

You’re 50-90 years old and you’re not ready to slow down! You want to improve functional fitness such that your body supports the brain-body connection as you age. When we designed EverProven’s Legends Program, our idea was that while CrossFit is broad, general, and inclusive for everyone, it’s a fact that as we age, we have different needs from when we were younger.

Add vigor to your life!

Older athletes need an environment that has a strength and conditioning program geared toward them whether they were athletes earlier in their lives, or never picked up a ball. Our progressive curriculum will help you learn to move better, get stronger and become more mobile. We also view you as a whole person and encourage you not only in movement, but other foundational fitness principles in life such as nutrition (we offer nutrition counseling), stress-releasing recovery practices, and social connections (ours is a welcoming community where everyone can make friends and feel cared for). We believe that this method of training our Legends not only prolongs life, but also pushes off “old age” excuses and degeneration so that you can enjoy a higher quality of independent life for years to come.

Fun, community, and long-term health.

The overall goal is safely improving both strength and conditioning. And “intensity” just means “a little further than yesterday.” We are not taskmasters. We are fitness professionals who are 100 percent invested in your long-term health and fitness. Is the work challenging? Yes, but it’s tailored to your needs, and the results will make the work very worthwhile. We apply these same principles to the mobility and flexibility work that’s included in every class.

Legends Sessions

While our legends athletes are welcome at any class time there are also three classes a week specifically tailored for them: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:45am-10:45am with Coach Christy Runey. 

Get Started with an Introductory Session

In order to provide you with the best class experience possible, we start everyone with a free introductory session so that we can get to know you, learn about goals you may have, health issues or concerns, as well as evaluate movement. We never rush people into group classes. We want you to feel totally confident and comfortable. Additional Foundations training sessions are available at this point.



Ready to Get Started??

Schedule an introductory session and give us the chance to tell you how we can help you get started on the path to health, fitness, community, and happiness 🙂