Our mission is to support parents in their quest to workout with young children. We offer childcare to give parents an opportunity to de-stress, socialize, and model a healthy lifestyle for their families knowing their children are in safe hands.
Childcare is offered M-F at the 4:00 p.m. class and on Saturday at 9:15am

$20/month – 1 child

$30/month – 2 children

$40/month – 3+ children

Each additional child is +$5/month


  • Kids are accepted from ages of 6 weeks to 10 years.
  • Children should arrive fed and diapered before arriving to childcare.
  • Parents are responsible for changing their children’s diapers, and will be asked to change a diaper should the child need a changing.
  • Children will need to be escorted by parents to the bathroom, as a sitter will not leave the room unattended.
  • EverProven and staff are not responsible for lost or damaged items brought from home and all items should be labeled. Chokeable items such as coins, gum, marbles, balloons, toy guns, and any sharp objects are not permitted.
  • Per NH State Law, Parents and legal guardians must remain in the gym while their children are in the childcare area. Parents may not leave the premise for any reason while their children are in the childcare facility.
  • Light snacks are allowed in the childcare area. Clear drinks in spill-proof containers are acceptable. Please label all items.
  • Parents are responsible for cleaning up after their children, to include snacks and toys around the room.
  • Please have shoes and/or socks on children over 6 months of age.
  • Fighting, to include biting, hitting, spitting or any other bodily contact that occurs without consent, and horseplay will not be tolerated in childcare. Parents will be asked to assist if a child displays excessive rough play.
  • We kindly ask parents to keep their children home if they are sick. If your child has a fever or has had an illness that warranted a doctor’s visit, we ask that you seek alternative childcare outside of the gym or keep your kids at home until they are no longer contagious. If your child was kept home from school for illness, they should not be in Kids Care.
  • Caregivers are required to keep children in the room to ensure the safety of all children. If a child needs to leave for the bathroom or another reason, the parent must escort the child.
  • There will be no children on the gym floor during class time. We will not put the safety of children at risk in our facility.