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Why do you even need a coach?

Why do you even need a coach?   The Coaches at EverProven CrossFit are all different, but all carry an immense amount of knowledge. We all love CrossFit, but some of us have certain specialties...

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The Best Stretch You Can Do!

The Best Stretch You Can Do! T. Elliott Field Oftentimes, I am asked or hear athletes talking about stretching/mobilizing/positioning. I have decided to come up with an easy answer to the question,...

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Rest, Recovery, and Overtraining

As we continue to enjoy the holiday season, let's take a moment to talk about REST. It's a topic that comes up a lot in conversations I have with many of you at the box. I'm sure I've annoyed more...

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A Note on Virtuosity

Like most of you, I feel especially thankful this time of year... but I have come to realize that Thanksgiving happens year-round for me. Here's why. More than ever in 2016, I’m thankful for the...

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Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

There’s a reason the scale hasn't moved. There's a reason why you aren't getting any fitter...but what is it? Gym membership? Check Healthy food. Got it. You have a world of information right in...

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Meet The Coach Monday: Katie Michaud

Next up for our “Meet the Coach” series is Katie Michaud! Katie is a Full Time Occupational Therapist, mom to a energetic toddler and part time CrossFit Coach! She has been with EverProven CrossFit...

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Meet The Coach Monday: Kate Stone

Next up for our “Meet the Coach” series is Kate Stone! Better known as "Stone", she was the first coach outside of ownership at EverProven CrossFit and has been with us since day 1. After about a...

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2nd Annual Great Equalizer – 2015

Join us on November 15, 2015 for our 2nd Annual Great Equalizer Competition! This is a unique competition unlike any other you have ever seen in the CrossFit community. The Great Equalizer is a same...

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Don’t Be A Cherry Picker..

"Cherry Picking" - Matt M Let's talk about what makes you think "I suck", what makes you "bad at CrossFit", whats holding you back... When you wake up in the morning and check the WOD, realize your...

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