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Do You Even Warm Up, Bro?

Do You Even Warm Up, Bro? There is a reason that you trust your coaches with your health and fitness. There may be different parts and pieces but ultimately, everyone is here because you want to...

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Newest Health Threat…Sitting?

Newest Health Threat...Sitting? By Megan Trombley   Prior to CrossFit, I wasn’t a highly active person but I have never been one to sit still.  All of the jobs I have had since graduating...

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Meet The Coach – Jess Plante!

Meet The Coach - Jess Plante!  Its that time again! Let's get to know Coach Jess Plante! Jess came to us with a great background and we are so excited and grateful to be able to have her as part of...

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A New Chapter of Health

A New Chapter of Health By Coach Matt Michaud As the 2018 CrossFit Open comes to a close, we leave behind leaderboards, the thrill of competition and the anticipation of what Dave Castro will throw...

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Winter Comfort Food Swaps

Winter Comfort Food Swaps By Coach Kate Stone There is no denying it, we are well into the cold months of winter. I don’t know about you, but these frosty days tend to make me want warm comfort...

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New Year, New You

New Year. New You By Coach Kate Stone It is hard to believe that we are at the beginning of another new year. For a lot of us, that means setting a New Year’s resolution. Often, these resolutions...

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A New Year Message from Coach Matt

To the EverProven Community, First off, I just wanted to take moment to write this note to you all in reflection of how amazing the year of 2017 was for EverProven CrossFit. Whether you've been with...

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Alone is Not Lonely

Alone Is Not Lonely It has been a few weeks since my surgery. Quick recap: I underwent transsphenoidal pituitary surgery on October 4th to address a small mass at my anterior pituitary gland. They...

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What the Heck Is A Reverse Hyper?

What the Heck Is A Reverse Hyper? EverProven CrossFit is a fully outfitted functional Strength and Conditioning Training Center. If you have been to other boxes, you may notice that some may not be...

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Why do you even need a coach?

Why do you even need a coach?   The Coaches at EverProven CrossFit are all different, but all carry an immense amount of knowledge. We all love CrossFit, but some of us have certain specialties...

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The Best Stretch You Can Do!

The Best Stretch You Can Do! T. Elliott Field Oftentimes, I am asked or hear athletes talking about stretching/mobilizing/positioning. I have decided to come up with an easy answer to the question,...

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Rest, Recovery, and Overtraining

As we continue to enjoy the holiday season, let's take a moment to talk about REST. It's a topic that comes up a lot in conversations I have with many of you at the box. I'm sure I've annoyed more...

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