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April Athlete of the Month: Aaron Gerber

April Athlete of the Month: Aaron Gerber

How and when did you discover CrossFit?
I knew someone that did it, and I was doing hot yoga at the time and it was getting too hot, and also I wanted to try doing exercises that used different muscles and was different each time. Anyway, that person I mentioned told me that everyone should do CrossFit and because I was included in everyone I decided to do it. Also she almost always gives good advice. It was January of 2018 when I did my first free intro class. It was with Scott. I did my first wall balls that day. I was like, oh this isn’t so hard. I don’t still feel that way.
How has CrossFit affected you since you started?
It has made me have to buy medium shirts instead of small shirts. That’s one thing. I had to change out my shirts, and also my pants. I can still wear the same sized socks though. Also it has been an important part of my feeling part of a community. It has taken me a couple years to get over my social anxiety and actual talk to people pretty much every time I’m at the gym (or now in my bedroom looking through the screen at other people doing CrossFit in their personal spaces) but now I’m doing that talking more and I feel relaxed and a part of the community. It is often the part of my day that I feel best about when I’m at the end of the day thinking back on the best parts of my day. Even if I’m not talking to anyone at the gym, I still feel connected there. Even if I’m not at the gym, I still feel connected there.
What class do you normally attend?
4pm. #4pm4ever
What are your short and long term goals?
It’s hard to tell how long goals will take to achieve, so I’m not sure if this is a short or long one but I’d like to do a ring muscle up. I did a bar muscle up a little while ago and that felt like a big deal. The rings are harder because they move and also I move and nothing stays still. It’s kind of like life. Also I’d like to be able to do the human flag thing that Dante does. I’m pretty sure that’s a longterm goal.
What’s your favorite WOD/movement?
I generally like things on the rig, like pull-ups, toes to bar, bar muscle-ups (as of late), and I’m getting better at front levers. I like those things. Also the animal exercises like seal walks and lateral bear crawls.
What’s your LEAST favorite WOD/movement?
I’m not wild about overhead squats, but I’m trying to be friendly about it and not get too angry with them when I’m doing them. I’m also not wild about running because I have flat feet and they sort of slap around on the ground like wet flippers when I run which hurts the next day for a while or two.
What is one interesting fact many people don’t know about you?
I was in a band a while ago that had songs in the soundtrack of an MTV show that is sort of embarrassing but I’m also proud of it because I get to tell people about it still.

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