Humble Beginnings

Our humble beginning started in 2012 when a group of like minded individuals came together with a common goal to do something bigger than themselves. We wanted to help those who were “spinning their wheels” with fitness and were looking for something more. We also wanted to create a place to lift people up. We wanted to create a place for those who were told “you can’t do that” to prove themselves through our guidance. That thought led us to choosing our name – EverProven. To be EverProven is to believe in oneself in the face of adversity. If someone wants to see you fail, put in the work and don’t let them have their chance. Take back your life in the face of doubt. Become EverProven.

Our start up was a humble one. We began our journey in one of our founders’ garage, after he sold his beloved Harley-Davidson motorcycle in order to finance an initial purchase of bumper plates, barbells, and squat racks. Our other founders invested in a complete collection of competition style kettlebells and our first full pull-up rig. Throw in some homemade plyo boxes, an old dumbell collection, miscellaneous other pieces of equipment, and some dreams… we were on our way!

We began with 2 workouts a day in the spring of 2012. 3-4 people turned into 7-8..7-8 turned into more.. and soon our 2 bay residential garage and dirt driveway wasn’t able to host all of the friends who were joining us. Not to mention, we are in New Hampshire and winter was coming… there was no way we would be able to continue just in the garage once it got colder. So we found our first home.

The Mill

We soon found ourselves looking for a place to continue our “fitness co-op” (that is what we were inittially creating) through the winter months. Plus, we wanted to do more. We wanted to help more people take back their lives through fitness. After an extensive search, we found a space located in downtown Dover, NH in the basement of the Cocheco Mill. It was hard to find, parking was a nightmare, and it was a dusty old space that had been unoccupied for years. But for it was perfect! The brick and mortar exterior, heavy timber frame, giant old steam pipe and granite wall in the back felt perfect for us! It even came with rubber floors and a wall of mirrors (which were the first thing to go). Soon thereafter we learned that this space was the original home of the 1st ever in a chain of purple-and -yellow-pizza-Tuesday-gym that shall remain nameless. And that is a fact!

We moved in and soon realized that our concept of a “fitness Co-op” was flawed. We needed to become a legit business, so we took the necessary steps, registered with the state and became a CrossFit affiliate.

Within our first year of operation on the mill, we grew at such a large scale, that we had to knock down the wall to the adjacent space and expand. Our clients were packing the house and blowing away their friends with the fitness that they had achieved. We customized the space to fit our needs, and was a truly awesome space. We could have stayed there for years! But our fast paced growth would require more space than we could acquire in a downtown.

The Big Red Warehouse

In 2015 we were afforded the opportunity to design a custom built facility to better enhance the experience for our community members. After consultation with our clients to see what they wanted, construction began and we soon moved everything to the Crosby Rd industrial park on the other side of town. We be knew this was the right move because the experience was better for clients.. and..well it gave us the opportunity to do what we really wanted to dohelp more people! We expanded, to give people more access. We added even more class times and began to provide open gym between all of our morning and afternoon classes. We also added personal training, sports performance, nutritional guidance and specialty classes.

Two Locations

In the constant pursuit to help people through our version of health and fitness, we found a void in Exeter, NH. After months of searching and planning, we found a second home at 38 Portsmouth Ave to start the process again. Our sister facility was born and is now up and running with the goal to bring the same pursuit of excellence to more people who need our help!

Where We Are Now

There’s always a better way, and we’ll find it. We could stay the same, but we won’t.
Ours is not the easy way: you won’t see the food pyramid, or elliptical trainers, or televisions at EverProven, because those things don’t help you. There are no mirrors, no dress code, no smoothie bar, because those things won’t help you either. You need fewer distractions, not more.

Clients who come to EverProven are coached. As a coaching organization, we don’t waste time, energy or money on things that won’t help our clients; if something WILL help, we bring in the best. Less chrome, more knowledge. That’s where the relentless pursuit of excellence means. That’s EverProven.