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2021 Crossfit Opens at EVRPRVN

2021 Crossfit Opens at EvrPrvn

Every year CrossFit gyms around the world participate in the CrossFit Open.

The CrossFit Open is the first stage of qualifiers to compete in the top 1% of worldwide athletes at the CrossFit Games. One workout is released every week for three weeks, and gyms worldwide all participate in the same workout with the intention of standardizing fitness.

At EverProven, the Open is a time to celebrate our amazing community.

We divide into four teams, complete non-fitness based challenges like accumulating the most burpees with a random stranger, and come together for Friday Night Lights to cheer each other on in our team colors. There is a certain “magic” during the Open, where people tend to push themselves outside their comfort zones, achieving what they formerly thought was unthinkable: a pull up, a heavier squat than ever before.

The Open is now more inclusive than ever, where there are beginners divisions and divisions for those with disabilities and more efforts to encourage diversity and inclusiveness!

The Open at EverProven is a time to champion our community and the hard work we have put in all year long.


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