EverProven Kids: Way Better Than Gym Class!

Do you ever wish you had discovered CrossFit earlier—or, depending on how old you are, that CrossFit even existed when you were young? If you’d grown up with CrossFit, you’d be crushing handstand push-ups now. One-handed. In a weight vest.
Okay, maybe not. But you definitely would have skipped all that drudgery at the MegaGym, and maybe even avoided that unfortunate incident with the KFC Double-Down (you know, the sandwich that had fried chicken for bread).
CrossFit Kids aims to get kids started off right, before they get used to sitting around all day—and before they get the idea that exercising is boring. EverProven’s CrossFit Kids program started this past July, and it’s been a great success so far.
Kate Stone, the CrossFit Kids’ coach, says that the program is not competitive. “The whole goal of CrossFit Kids is to show them that being active is fun,” says Kate. “Essentially, we’re just playing.” (But, of course, it’s the kind of playing that involves burpees. Kate wouldn’t have it any other way.)
The classes are split up by age, although the age ranges are larger than you might think. Classes are offered twice a week, and they start at 3:00 PM for ages 3-5 and 4:15 PM for ages 6-12. Unlike most gym classes, the CrossFit Kids program is about functional movements rather than team sports such as basketball. Kids have to count their reps and keep track of what they’re doing. As in adult CrossFit, the kids’ movements are scalable to suit different ages and abilities.
Kate says the kids are fearless, so they have no trouble tackling handstands and other gymnastic movements that adults tend to struggle with. They also respond well to the group environment, and seem to build that CrossFit sense of community naturally. The little kids love the game Quicksand, which requires them to cross the room without landing in the “quicksand.” Kate says it’s fun to watch them figure out a solution together using the rules she provides. “The big kids like to be challenged. They like to do stuff that’s hard,” she says.
Since most of the 17 kids in the program are EverProven members’ children, Kate includes elements of the adult WODs in the kids’ programming that day. That way, families can talk about the day’s burpees at dinner!
Think your child might be a CrossFit Kid? Talk to Kate! The classes are always more fun with more kids.