A Note From the Staff

To Our Beloved Athletes,
In general, we hope you’ll agree that classes here at PRVN run extremely smoothly. Whether we’re doing a warm-up, mobility, skill explanations and drills, the strength portion or the WOD, we always have enough time to focus on what we’re doing without rushing or cutting corners. We manage to fit a great amount of work and education in the hour we spend together.
Having said that, the coaches would like to share a few reminders about class etiquette that will help us make the operation run more efficiently. As coaches, our number one and most important priority is your safety. At the same time, we want to provide valuable instruction and coaching, help motivate the class, keep it fun, and ensure we finish on time. Those are a lot of balls to juggle! In addition, it can sometimes be hard for new members to get used to the format of our classes. We’re hoping that spelling out these points will help new members better understand the method behind our madness, and help veterans set a good example, too.
First things first: Please remember to let the coach speak when it comes to explaining a movement, whether it’s part of a warm-up or mobility work, a lift, or a gymnastic movement. Although you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, it’s good to remain disciplined as a team and review these things every time we do them. It’s hard for it to not feel slightly redundant to us also, when we are reviewing something as simple as an air squat to a group of faces that has heard us do it a thousand times. But we do it because it’s good practice for us coaches and athletes alike. It helps us as coaches to help keep our teaching skills sharp, and it’s good for you as athletes to practice patience and hear it all again. Maintaining this great habit will help keep our box the number one box in NH for many years to come.
The second thing we’d like to mention is the habit of setting up equipment before the coaches have explained what we are doing. We greatly appreciate the enthusiasm, and we realize that the workout and the recommended weights are posted on the board already. But if newer folks see you setting up, they might follow suit. Suddenly the coaches find themselves talking to an empty room, or waiting for everyone to come back. So we ask that you wait to get your equipment until the coach tells you it’s time. The explanation may affect which equipment you choose, anyway.
That brings us to the third and final point, which is about athletes choosing to do different movements, break up workouts differently, or select MORE weight than prescribed. We absolutely encourage modifying and scaling, whether it’s up to heavier weight/harder movements or down to lighter weight/easier movements. Scaling down is especially important if you’re injured or not yet comfortable with the movement. We just ask that you let us help you choose the scale. We of course encourage you to push yourselves if you feel confident, but again, please check with us first. Our programming is thoroughly planned out, and we assign the scaled and RX weights for a reason. The same goes for the order and progression of a workout. Changing the workout in the wrong way could undermine its purpose and make it less effective, or even potentially dangerous.
We’re proud of the quality level of the classes we provide, and the quality level of everyone’s performance, enthusiasm, attitude, and participation. This post wasn’t inspired by any major problems, and we’re certainly not calling anyone out. We just think that keeping these three points in mind will help us continue to grow and improve as a team.
We sincerely thank you all,
– PRVN Staff