There’s No Such Thing as Free Pizza: A Few Words About Membership Fees

Does this conversation sound familiar? You’re telling a friend about the awesome gym you’ve joined, and the friend wants to know how much membership costs.
“It’s expensive,” you say, feeling yourself getting defensive. “But it’s worth it to me.”
“How much, though?” the friend keeps asking. You finally tell them.
“That’s insane!” the friend says. “You could join Magenta Fitness Chain for $10!”
Um, yeah. But remember what you got as a member of Magenta Fitness Chain? Apathetic, clueless staff. Lines for equipment. Machines designed to isolate muscles, contrary to your body’s natural movement patterns. A dwindling free-weight area. TVs showing an endless array of bad reality shows. Free pizza. No, seriously. Free pizza.
You joined Magenta Fitness Chain as part of a resolution to get in shape—yes, you were definitely going to work out 3-5 days a week!—but before you knew it, you were paying that $10 a month for nothing. You never went. You kept telling yourself you should cancel your membership, but that would require admitting your resolution failed. Besides, it’s only $10. Maybe you’d go next month…
Of course, that’s exactly what the Magenta Fitness Chains of the world are banking on. They’re able to charge ridiculously low membership rates because they know a big percentage of their members will never show up.
Needless to say, that’s not the EverProven business model. Our membership fees are higher because we have fewer members, and those members are highly engaged. We offer high quality coaching from real athletes who walk the walk, and small classes with lots of personal attention. When you join EverProven, you’re not getting access to some random equipment and someone paid to tell you, “Good job!” You get to be part of a genuine community dedicated to one another’s success.
We know $100+ a month is a major investment, and we take that very seriously. Our members aren’t corporate tycoons—they’re regular people. We’ve got college students and cubicle dwellers, chiropractors and teachers. We’re honored that you’ve all made EverProven membership a priority in your lives and in your household budgets. We know that you’re here to see results, whether you define that in terms of higher PRs, increased energy, reduced stress, or improved body composition. If you stop seeing any benefit, you could save a lot of money by going back to Magenta Fitness Chain, or buying a stack of DVDs.
So what should you do if you find yourself in an awkward conversation with a friend about the cost of CrossFit? Just let the results speak for themselves.