"Lose 10 lbs effortlessly!" and other things our coaches will never say

If you listen to advertising pitches for trendy fitness regimes these days, you’ll notice they focus on aesthetics. They assume you’re mostly interested in looking like you work out. For men, the message is usually pretty straightforward: Do this workout and get ripped. For women, it is usually about simply being thin, and if it’s not, it’s about fixing supposed problem areas: Do this workout and get a sexy stomach, a firm butt, and defined arms. Don’t even get us started on the whole thigh-gap thing!
CrossFit is radically different. You won’t hear any talk about blasting fat and sculpting six-packs from EverProven coaches, just encouragement and actual directions: Weight on your heels. Butt back. Chest up. Get that triple extension. Explode at the hips. Instead of wasting time trying to target problem areas, you’ll work your whole body. Even if you thought today’s WOD was all legs, your sore abs and arms tomorrow will set you straight. And you’ll be learning real skills the entire time, not just going through the motions to burn calories.
Make no mistake: CrossFit can do amazing things for your body composition. Many of our members have abs worthy of fitness magazines and triceps that give Michelle Obama a run for her money. Hey, if doing lots of squats happens to make your butt look fantastic, we’re certainly happy for you. But we’re not going to make big promises about how many pounds you’ll lose in the first three weeks or what size bikini you’ll fit into this summer. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re about becoming more capable, more resilient humans. We’re about being able to carry heavy boxes when we need to, or trek up a mountain because we feel like it. We’re about a lifetime of functional fitness, not a fast track to somebody else’s idea of beautiful. (And no, lifting heavy will not make women look like the Incredible Hulk. That myth cannot die fast enough!)
If this sounds refreshing to you, join us. Ditch the quick-fix gimmicks. Embrace triumph.