One Goal, One Box One Family

One Goal. One Box. One Family.
Wow. Would you look at that? What a whirlwind the past month and a half has been. The 2014 Opens have come and gone, as has our first ever “Strong is the New 40: Masters Competition.” I’d have to say I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks… About myself, about CrossFit, about our gym, and so forth.
I learned not to perpetually chalk and chalk and chalk your hands out of sheer nervousness before doing a bunch of pull ups. Your hands will rip. I mean, really rip. A lot. Maybe Matt is on to something with encouraging less chalk use…
I learned about the power of encouragement and community. How many people out there were able to do one more rep because a bunch of people were yelling at you to do so? Or kept pushing through snatches and overhead squats because that person next to you hadn’t stopped either? How many of you pushed past your comfort zone because someone else told you that you could do it, that they believed you could do it? Its pretty powerful stuff. In the course of my 2014 Opens judging, I personally saw a handful of people do something they told me they “couldn’t do.” A first chest-to-bar pull-up. First double unders. 50 toes to bar?! Week after week, I witnessed people push so far out of their comfort zone that they were drawn to tears or a crumpled heap on the floor. And week after week, each of you stood back up, brushed yourself off, and got ready to do it all again. Incredible.
I learned that I am not my workout. My results for a specific workout, whether it be the Opens or a regular WOD, do not define me. I know a lot of us, myself included, struggled with disappointment at times during the Opens. It’s so easy to beat yourself up about not getting a specific number, wondering if you could have done something differently and gotten one more rep, five more reps. When it comes right down to it though, I am not the sum of my 2014 results, as you are not the sum of yours. At the end of it all, I am me. Remember this next time you go into a competition, whatever they throw at you, just do it (but first, take a selfie of course), have fun with it, have fun with the people around you. And move on.
I learned that our EverProven family is absolutely one in a million. Actually, I already knew that, it was just re-affirmed. I think that we are so fortunate for each and every person that has walked through our door and decided to join this crazy “community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice.” I am honored, proud and grateful to have this family. Our new T-shirts came in this week. On the back of one of them it says: “One Goal. One Box. One Family.” I think these shirts arrived at a perfect time. I’ve never believed that statement more than I do now. I know I can speak for all of the coaches when we express our sincerest thanks for all of your help over these past weeks: whether it was helping judge the Opens, sticking around on a Sunday night to cheer your fellow athletes on, volunteering for eight or more hours at the masters competition, or just lifting our spirits in general with a kind word, fist bump, or late night boogie at Castaways. You guys are awesome.
Hashtag burpees,