CrossFit Classes:

Weekday Classes:

5:30am: Monday through Friday

8:30am: Monday through Friday

12:00pm: Monday through Friday

4:00pm: Monday through Friday

5:15pm: Monday through Friday

6:30pm: Monday through Thursday

7:45pm: Monday and Wednesday

Weekend Classes:

9:00am: Saturday

10:15am: Saturday

11:30am Skill WOD**

8:00am Sunday

9:00am – 10:30am Sunday – Coach guided ROMWOD and Mobility*

9:00am – 10:30am: Sunday (includes Coach guided ROMWOD and Mobility*)

Open Gym:

9:30am – 12:00pm: Monday – Friday

1:00pm – 4:00pm:Monday – Friday

6:15pm – 7:30pm: Friday


CrossFit Classes:

Weekday Classes:

5:30am: Monday through Friday

8:30am Monday through Friday

5:00 pm: Monday through Friday

6:15pm: Monday through Friday

Weekend Classes:

9:00am: Saturday

Sunday – Closed

Specialty Classes – Dover:

CrossFit Kids classes:

4:15pm – 5:00pm: Monday and Thursday (3-12 year olds)

Group On Ramp: (dates vary, see Coach for details)

7:45pm: Tuesday

8:00am: Saturday


9:00am Sundays

Skill WOD**:

11:30am: 1st Saturday of Each Month

*A 45 min. to 1-hour session focusing on mobility.  ROMWOD may be utilized, however, a live Coach will be present to ensure proper position and to guide you through each movement. Specific mobility may be programmed and/or requested by the coach on duty.

**A 1-hour class focusing on skill development – get sweaty while working through technique.  Each session will focus on a particular movement (one week may be push jerk, the next week may be handstands, the next week may be running, etc.).

Intro Sessions and One-On-One Onramp available by appointment. 


(To Book an Intro in Exeter, Please Use the “Getting Started” form by clicking here)

“Ghost” Coaching, Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, Proven ID (Individual Program Design), Sports Performance/Team Training and Nutrition Counseling

“Ghost” Coaching – Dover and Exeter

“Ghost ” Coaching gives a member the option to hire a coach for single or multiple sessions to “ghost” beside them for the class. The coach will be that clients individual coach for that session. The coach will be responsible for giving their full attention to the individual, and no one else, during the class. The coach for the class will be responsible for all class flow, main instruction etc, but the “ghost” will provide direct feedback, scaling, strategy and other needs to the individual that goes above the main coaches offerings. Coach/Client are responsible for all scheduling details.

Ghost Coach Pricing
$40 per single session
$350 for a 10 pack punch pass

Basic Personal Training Dover and Exeter – BOOK IN DOVER BELOW 

(To Book an Personal Training in Exeter, Please Use the “Getting Started” form by clicking here)

With PT, clients pay for 1-on-1 time with a coach to develop and review a skill, movement or other need. The sessions may or may not be specific to the individual other than what they are requesting to work on at the moment/for the day. This basic formula does not include individual program design (see below) or private programs. Example – client books and would like to work on Deadlift, client would be coached on deadlift for that session. The next session the client would like to work on muscle ups, the client would be coached on muscle ups for the day. All sessions for basic PT are booked through the gym and assigned during blocks (similar to intros or onramps). or, if block scheduling does not work for the client or they would prefer to work with an individual in particular, they also have that option. Sessions during blocks must be booked at least 2 days in advance and will require a focused topic selected by the client so that the coach can prepare in advance. Bookings will be made available online through our boxbuilder app and website.

Basic Personal Training Pricing
$50 per single session
$450 for a 10 pack punch pass
1 PT session per week – $165/month membership upgrade

Small Group Personal Training – Dover and Exeter

Same as Basic Personal Training only performed in groups of 2-4. All other rules for basic Pt listed above apply. Small group PT will require a 2 person minimum and a 4 person maximum.

Small Group Personal Training Pricing
$30 per single session per person. (No shows will be charged this going rate regardless whether they attend or not)
$250 for a 10 pack punch pass per person (sessions must be used for small group only and booked in advance with all group members)
1 small group PT session per week – $110/month membership upgrade

Proven ID – Anywhere
(Individual Program Design)

In Proven Individual Design (ID), you will be teamed up with a qualified coach who will thoroughly assess your goals and current situation in regards to fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Clients who choose Proven ID consist of competitive CrossFit athletes, weight loss clients, business professionals, rock climbers, mature trainees, those working around injuries/restrictions, and much more.
When your training becomes solely focused on you and the achievement of your goals, you are ready for the Individual Design service. Without a doubt, this service is for the autonomous client who prefers to stick to their individual plan and workout on a flexible schedule.

How do Clients Communicate with Their Coach?

Previously, this type of communication was serviced via text messages, random emails and sloppy Excel sheets. Today, this process has been made far more efficient allowing for a coach to create programs, communicate and manage clients with a program known as Fitbot.

Fitbot allows for trainers to create robust training programs for any scenario, equipped with an entire catalog of prebuilt videos demonstrating exercises, a built-in messaging platform and easy-as-hell video uploading capabilities.

Client may choose any coach that they would like to work with, but before they do, they must complete a full assessment with a coach as well as a nutritional review/macronutrient review with Meg.

Coaches will provide 4-5 workouts per week as well as feedback/communication through fitbot or in person, and will responsible for said client in all aspects. Coaches will do all programming and anything related to Proven ID on their own time. Coaches with Proven ID clients must also provide each client with a 30 min monthly meeting/consult either online or in person.

Proven ID pricing
$150/month membership upgrade

Proven Sports Performance/Team Training – Dover and Exeter

Sports specific training for athletic/youth teams.

4x/week – $80 per participant per week
3X/week – $65 per participant per week
2X/week – $50 per participant per week
1X/week – $30 per participant per week
1 month minimum per team with all of the above.

Basic Nutrition Plans

Macro Review/Profile with Coach Meg $50

We will be greatly expanding this program very soon by adding a program Written and Monitored by a Registered Dietician. Stay tuned.

Massage Therapy – Dover and Exeter

Did you know that we have a band new massage room and have 3 Licensed Massage Therapists on our staff? Contact us for details!