Our Mission

Our mission is to create a community of healthy, powerful, resilient, highly motivated and happy human beings – one athlete, one WOD at a time.

We believe that we can have a significant positive impact on our athletes lives through responsible programming, attentive coaching and fostering a welcoming and supportive community.

We are passionate about training a diverse community of people, inclusive of all ages and ability levels, through our universally scalable exercises and programming.



Our 2 Facilities

EverProven CrossFit has 2 fully-outfitted CrossFit facilities. The two locations that we call home are located at 50 Crosby Rd in Dover NH and 38 Portsmouth Ave in Exeter NH.

  • Rowers,Air Bikes, Air Runners and Ski-Ergs
  • Dozens of med-balls, kettlebells, and dubmbells
  • Almost 80′ of Pull Up Rig
  • High-quality Olympic and powerlifting barbells, including axel bars
  • Dedicated lifting platforms and jerk-blocks
  • Heavy-duty monster racks, trap-bars and other powerlifting equipment
  • 50′ turf area for sled-pushes and sprint training
  • Tires, atlas stones and other strongman training equipment
  • Thousands of pounds or high-quality Olympic bumper plates
  • Competition Bumper Plates and Barbells
  • Reverse Hyper
  • Power Racks
  • Crossover Symmetry
  • MarcPro/Hawk Grip treatments/recovery Zone
  • Full line of products and supplements available as well as a pro shop/retail items
  • We offer the most open gym time available compared to any other area CrossFit Box